In response to an article on, Juanita Bynum would like to make it very clear that she is not in counseling with Bishop Thomas Weeks III, nor are there any talks of reconciliation as stated in the false article written by Doug Campbell.

As Dr. Bynum has stated in the past, she feels that reconciliation with her estranged husband could be a tremendous testimony to the body of Christ; however that is not the case at this time.

After severing all ties with the Weeks Family, Juanita Bynum Ministries received a request from Bishop Week’s uncle, Bishop Leo Smith to speak at his conference in Barbados this June. She also received an invitation from his grandfather and aunt, Bishop Thomas J. Weeks, and Dr. Gwendolyn Weeks to speak at their 2-Day Prayer Revival in Boston. Dr. Bynum has always honored her ministry and has great love and respect for the Weeks family, and after much prayer she accepted both invitations.

As Dr. Bynum’s publicist I say this “After all is said and done, Juanita Bynum is an anointed woman of God, and called to be a voice to the nation. She is genuine in her relationship with God and understands it is impossible to maintain bitterness and love in the same heart. She has handled herself with dignity and integrity throughout this unfortunate ordeal, and as she moves forward she will continue to do no less. Dr. Bynum is treating these invitations as she does all others; an opportunity to minister to God’s people. Her acceptance of the invitations are in no way a step towards reconciliation.”

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Credit: Matthew Jordan Smith

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