In light of the murder-suicide by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher of his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, and himself, the National Football League is stepping in to provide financial assistance to the couple’s now-orphaned child. The league has agreed to pay for funeral arrangements and provide their three-month-old daughter, Zoey, with at least $1 million throughout her life span.

According to TMZ, the NFL agreed to pay for funeral arrangements to relieve the families from massive funeral and memorial service bills. 

Baby Zoey, who is now in the custody of the Belcher family, will be taken care of through the league’s Surviving Child Benefit and health care plan. According to USA Today, she will receive $9,000 a month for the next four years and at least $4,000 a month until she turns 18, or 23 if she decides to go to college. 

Belcher’s beneficiaries, the identities of whom are kept private, will also receive life insurance payments of $1.2 million and additional money from his savings accounts. 

Jovan Belcher shot and killed himself and 22-year-old Perkins on December 1. He was 25 years old.