Do you think what you say on Twitter is all fun and games? Better think again. New Edition singer Johnny Gill is being sued by record producer Ira Dewitt over a few angry tweets Gill sent last week.

A demo of a new Johnny Gill and Q Parker duet called “Might Cry,” which was produced by singer Tank, was leaked online, and Johnny, saying his vocals were unfinished, was none too pleased.

Sources say he believed Ira bought the song’s rights from Tank a while back, and immediately took to Twitter to accuse her of leaking the record to promote her business. He also insulted Ira’s character, calling her “deranged” among other explicit names.

Ira filed a lawsuit on Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court alleging that Johnny’s tweets defame her and could affect future business. Johnny’s response to the law suit? It’s crap. caught up with him at LAX airport over the weekend and he told them that if you couldn’t say what you really felt on Twitter, “the courtrooms would be filled with a bunch of Twitter people complaining about things people say every day … It’s freedom of speech.”

What do you think? Should you have to censor yourself on Twitter?