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John Legend Labels New Album 'Modern Soul'

John Legend shares details about his upcoming album due out this winter.
It’s been a lengthy four years since John Legend’s last solo album Evolver was released. But the piano man says his new album isn’t far behind, according to an interview with The Grio.

“…We did The Roots album, and I’ve been touring with The Roots; I’ve been on Duets; I’ve been writing a lot for myself and other people,” he revealed. “It’s time to put out a new album.”

Legend says he’s grown tremendously since his early days on the scene singing hooks for Kanye West and other hip-hop elite. “I’ve experienced more in my relationships; I’m engaged now… I think that experience will come through in my lyrics.” He ultimately wants to recreate the “magic” he captured on Get Lifted and Once Again.

The musician says he’s working with West this time around to create what he calls “modern soul” music. “…When we talk about modern soul, we understand where we’ve come from, we understand the music I’ve grown up with, but we want to take it into the future and kind of help define what a 21st century soul album is supposed to sound like.”

As for when fans from around the world can expect to hear more smooth tunes, Legend says a single should be hitting airwaves in the next month or two, and a full album will follow this winter.