Sexy R&B veteran Joe is gearing up to release of his ninth album “The Good, The Bad, The Sexy” this fall.  

During his 20-year career in music, Joe has seen R&B evolve into a more mainstream, pop sound. Despite the change, he’s determined to stay true to his R&B roots.

“[This new album] is a mix between mainstream and that classic Joe,” he tells “I tried to give [my fans] something of what they’re used to and something they haven’t heard before just to spark them up a little.”

While the true sense of rhythm and blues may be wavering, Joe says he has love for the new generation of artists such as Rihanna, who has incorporated her Caribbean heritages into her sound. “I really wish she would do more of that; it feels like her land and she sounds great doing it.”

Joe’s new album is in stores August 30th. Ladies, are you ready?

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