It’s become quite the formula for studio honchos to cash in on the loyalists of music talent who would be more than happy to spend their hard earned dollars–even in a recession–to see their favorite singer or rapper immortalized on the big screen. Although Tyler Perry, who has a knack for introducing new faces in his films and plays, has not subscribe to such marketing ploys he seems to have found value in one soulstress–Jill Scott.

Asource close to the soulstress told exclusively that Perry is currently in negotiations with Scott to star in the sequel to his blockbuster, “Why Did I Get Married?”, which explores the joys and perils of marriage.

Apparently, the Philly native’s character, Sheila, resonated with female audiences when she discovers the harsh truth that she is in a loveless marriage with a man (Richard T. Jones) who debases her simply because she’s overweight. However, Scott ultimately finds love in an unlikely place, sheds the extra pounds and remarries a hunk of a sherrif played by Lamman Rucker. The film is rumored to explore her character’s personal development and progression in life, love and holy matimony–the second time around.

Hailed as one of Perry’s better cinematic ensembles there’s no word whether the original cast members–Tasha Smith, Janet Jackson, Michael Jai White and Sharon Leal— plan to return.

Recently, the star of  HBO’s “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” gave birth to her first child, Jett, a healthy baby boy and we hear is simply enjoying the wonders of motherhood.