Jill Scott on Her Hair: “It Does Not Define Me”
Steve Granitz/ Getty

Jill Scott has always been an idol for women because she stands up for what she believes in and says what she means. In an interview with HuffPostLive about her upcoming film Get On Up, Scott takes a minute to talk about what it means to have natural hair in Hollywood. She comments on her current do’, calling it a “hat made of hair.” And although she’s definitely on the natural hair side of things, she isn’t opposed to different hairstyles. “It does not define me. It does not make me who I am in any way, shape or form,” said Scott. “It’s a hat and tomorrow I’ll wear another hat. And then I might wear another one.”

Scott recognizes the strain of the business on her whole being—hair included. “I love my hair so much, that I don’t want a bunch of heat in it or sprays in it. I don’t need that,” said Scott. “My hair doesn’t like it anyway. So I’ll just keep switching hats.”

Being the idol that she is, she offers this bit of advice those dealing with the problems that hair can cause. She hopes that young Black women can “not to separate themselves because of this hat that you have on” and always remember that “at the end of the day…we’re still all black women.” “

“Just know it’s a hat,” said Scott. “Don’t get caught up into the traps and believe that that’s you.”

Watch the full video below.