Jesse Williams Dispels ‘Angry’ Black Stereotype
Getty Images
Jesse Williams has been called this generation’s Harry Belafonte, and for good reason. The Grey’s Anatomy star is not shy when it comes to speaking out about social justice issues, and most recently, he made it his mission to dispel the “angry” Black stereotype. In an interview with The Guardian, Williams said that oftentimes, people’s beliefs about the Black community stem from inaccurate stereotypes—including being angry and aggressive—that they see on television. 10 Times Jesse Williams Perfectly Summed Up Our Feelings About Race “There is zero evidence, zero evidence that Black people are more inclined to be angry in vacuum than anybody else,” he said. “They are upset. Is being upset bad? Is anger a negative quality?” He continued on, saying that the “anger” is simply pain. “It’s a community that’s f—ing hurting and is really disappointed in itself, in the people that it trusted, in the government it paid taxes to,” he said. “That is where the frustration comes from.”


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