President-elect Obama recently approached Senator Hillary Clinton about joining his Cabinet as secretary of state. While several sources say Clinton has accepted the offer, an official annoucement won’t be made until after Thanksgiving. Here are some reactions on the news.

 “It’s a great choice that represents sound judgment. She will be following his directives and his direction but their views are generally quite compatible. She has great popular appeal just as he does they will make a strong team. President Bush and Secretary Rice drove us into a narrow world view. President-elect Obama and Hillary are sure to revive our global vision for foreign policy.”-Reverend Jesse Jackson

“I think she’s highly capable and she has already demonstrated as first lady an ability to interact on an international stage. During the campaign, Senator Clinton showed a grasp of international issues that will be a tremendous benefit if selected as secretary of state. Her selection would allow President-elect Obama to fulfill his promise of turning the page on partisan wrangling.” –Congressman James Clyburn

“Hillary Clinton is an excellent choice. She has name recognition and she’s tough. She brings a world of experience and has met everyone in the world. It’s an excellent choice. I can imagine her negotiating with Vladimir Putin in Russia or sitting down with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. In fact, I think she’s the best possible choice. Bill Richardson is very qualified on paper but he is not Hillary Clinton. She’s a star and Obama is smart to tap her into his Cabinet.” -Keith Boykin, editor of