Jeremih released “Birthday Sex” in 2009 and it was an instant hit — everyone was singing it… even if it wasn’t their birthday. Today he’s following up strong with his sophomore album, “All About You.” His lead single. “I Like,” featuring Ludacris, displays a more mature Jeremih. He sat down with to chat about “Birthday Sex,” his new album, and all the attention he receives from the ladies… Tell us about your new album “All About You.” Who is the “You?” Jeremih: “All About You” is my sophomore effort; the first album was titled “Jeremih,” for people to see my name and see me as an artist and what I can do. This album I just wanted to dedicate to my fans — so my fans are the “You.” Do you plan to go in a different direction this time around? Jeremih: My previous record was a bit scattered. I don’t make just one type of music; I don’t make one sound of music. With this album, I wanted to show my fans what I can do, but to the second power. Now there are records on there that show vocal growth, lyrically I wrote it all, for the most part I wrote the entire thing. And usually I write what I feel. I’ve lived a new lifestyle over the past year and I wanted to speak on that. In what ways have you grown since “Jeremih” was released? Can fans expect a more mature you? Jeremih: Indeed. Musically, vocally, my voice has the ability to do many things and I give you a taste of many tones. And with this album I think, musically and with the depth of the lyrical content, it’s double the first album, if you ask me. How do you handle all the attention from the ladies? Jeremih: I’ve never been bad with the ladies before my fame. Now it is times a higher power. It’s pretty cool. I don’t really feel like I need security when I’m out at shows, if anything just fan patrol. They have been showing nothing but love. That’s comes with the territory — with the type of music I make and how it makes them feel. I’ve been able to handle it. Do you get tired of singing “Birthday Sex?” Jeremih: Yeah, I do. What inspired “Birthday Sex?” Jeremih: (laughs) When I write, I like to use metaphors and innuendos…that’s just how I write. I wrote that record, not thinking that it would be as big as it was. I wrote what I felt and what I pretty much do to my woman, not as her only gift on her birthday, but definitely the icing on the cake.