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FedEx Worker Survives 75-Foot Fall Off Of Highway Bridge

For Jeremiah Cribb, a good deed turned into a very painful fall off of an interstate bridge which led to broken bones and a collapsed lung.

A North Carolina FedEx worker is thanking God for his life after falling 75-feet off of an interstate highway last Wednesday morning. Miraculously the 24-year-old walked away from the incident with just a few broken bones.

According to CNN, Jeremiah Cribb was trying to be a good Samaritan after he saw a driver stalled while working his overnight shift. He stopped to assist the motorist but during the course of trying to troubleshoot, saw an 18-wheeler coming straight for them. That’s when Cribb, in an effort to save his life, leaped over the side of the Interstate 85 bridge expecting for a leveled, grassy median to be on the other side.

“I was flashing my light on and off, and he was in the left lane,” Cribb told CNN affiliate WSOC TV of the tractor-trailer driver. “He didn’t merge, and we didn’t know if he was gonna hit the car. But, I kinda had a feeling that he was, and he smashed into the car.”

FedEx Worker Survives 75-Foot Fall Off Of Highway Bridge

The time of day left Cribb unable to see where he was leaping to, and he ultimately plummeted 75-feet off the side of the bridge. The Salisbury, N.C. fire department was able to retrieve him from what CNN described as a hard sandbar. The responding firefighter determined after repelling down the bridge to reach him, that Cribb was injured but still able to feel his legs.

The fire department transported a conscious Cribb to the hospital where he is currently still recovering. It was determined that he has broken ribs and a collapsed lung. A GoFundMe has been set up to help towards medical expenses and financially address his inability to work for the next couple of months.

Cribb’s sister, Jenequa Cribb, said on the fundraising page. “He has such a good heart and always willing to help in the time of need; now he is the one in need.”