Jennifer Hudson says she never knew she was plus-sized until she went to Hollywood.

The Self Magazine cover star tells the mag she thought she was “the perfect size!” Her perception of her weight was put to the test when, during her 2004 run on “American Idol,” an interviewer asked her what it felt like to be plus-sized in Hollywood.

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“I looked around, like, ‘Who is she talking to?’ Oh, me? I’m plus-sized?” says J-Hud. “In the neighborhood I’m from in Chicago, a 16 is normal. But in Hollywood, everyone looks exactly the same, so I stood out.”

The Weight Watchers spokesperson says it was becoming pregnant with her 2-year-old son David Otunga Jr. that propelled her to make a commitment to shedding the pounds.

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Going from a size 16 to 6 is one of her favorite accomplishments. “I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!” she declares.


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