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Jennifer Hudson Wants a Baby Girl, Says She Is Done Losing Weight

The starlet reveals plans to expand her family and says she's done losing weight.
Jennifer Hudson Wants a Baby Girl, Says She Is Done Losing Weight
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Celebrities have been out and about all week long in New York City in honor of Fashion Week. And actress/businesswoman Jennifer Hudson, who’s now promoting her new QVC clothing line, was recently spotted at a Fashion’s Night Out party talking about her future baby plans. The typically private star, who will turn 31 on the 12th, says she has her sights set on having a baby girl, and for those wondering, admits she’s happy with her current weight and isn’t planning on losing another pound.

“I think this is the final, lowest weight,” Hudson said in an interview with Wonderwall. “I actually was just filming a movie where I had to lose 10 pounds, but I started thinking maybe this is too tiny. I still like to have some curves. I just spent the past week working my way up to my ideal weight.” Hudson admits chocolate was her secret weapon and helped her to gain back the weight fast.

Already proud mom to 3-year-old son David Daniel Otunga, Jr. — whose dad is professional wrestler David Otunga — Hudson says she and her fiancé Otunga are hoping for a girl the second time around.

“Yes, I do want a baby girl,” she told the reporter. “…I’ll wait until he’s almost 5 so he can help change diapers. I need him to help mommy out. I’ve got a whole plan.”