When Chris Lindsey, co-chair of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Scott Lindsey, a HRC employee, were promised a congratulatory video by Jennifer Hudson to be played at their wedding, they were ecstatic. 

Shortly after they exchanged their vows, Hudson’s video played and she advised the crowd to brace themselves. 

“…Ya’ll hold on,” she said. “‘Cuz I got one more thing.” 

The curtains dropped and Hudson appeared, singing her song, I Still Love You. 

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“…We had been told she would be filming a video message,” Chris Lindsey told BuzzFeed. “That, in itself, was exciting …and then the curtain dropped and there she was.”

Just last month, Hudson, who is the ambassador for Turn it Up for Change, a W Hotel and Human Rights Campaign initiative to promote equality through music, released her I Still Love You video featuring a homosexual couple on their wedding day. It turns out; the whole surprise was her idea. 

“How amazing that we were able to dance with Jennifer Hudson at our wedding, not just to her song!” Chris said. ”Her presence showed us and the world how important the issue of marriage equality is.”

Congratulations, love and happiness to Chris and Scott Lindsey!