There are only two days left until the ESSENCE Music Festival kicks off in New Orleans — are you ready? The incomparable Jennifer Hudson is! The singer/actress chatted with about her new video, “No One Gonna Love You,” her upcoming role in “The Three Stooges” movie, and EMF… all while clearing airport security with her toddler. She is truly superwoman. We love your new “No One Gonna Love You” video. Why’d you pick “The Wire” actor Hassan Johnson? JENNIFER HUDSON: Hassan adds a raw, street edge and realness to the video. When I met him, I thought, ‘I feel like I’ve known him forever,’ and that’s real. I don’t like to go drastically outside myself. We wanted to change it up, but one step at a time. Speaking of changes, was this clip your first doing choreography? HUDSON: Yes, that was the first time in one of my videos. I wanted to take it up just a notch, the song calls for something different with the dancing. I’m not claiming to the be the world’s greatest dancer, but I’ll try my hand at it. You’ve been cast alongside comedians Jane Lynch and Larry David in “The Three Stooges” film. Will you be the straight lady? HUDSON: Yes, we’re all nuns, but I think I’m the fancy nun, Mary. I’m excited because this is my first comedy and I’m a fan of both Jane Lynch and Larry David, so working with them is going to be fun. I spoke to the directors [The Farrelly Brothers] and they said it’s going to be a lot of improv. I feel like I’m going to learn a lot by being around them and in a new element. Tell us a bit about your weight loss book. HUDSON: I’m thinking of releasing the book either at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. In the book, I’ll share my weight loss journey, struggles and tricks, and hopefully inspire someone. I had no idea when I started that so many people were watching my personal journey, and it’s about reaching your goal. So many people think it’s about what someone else did or what your trainer wants, no, it’s about you and what you want to do with you. What can we expect from your ESSENCE Music Festival show? HUDSON: We’re bringing you some extras, something a little different. I named my album ‘I Remember Me’ because I’m in a whole other chapter of my life. I’m still discovering who I want to be, so I’m trying new things, but I’m still bringing the things that made me, like my voice. We’re working hard to put my ideas together of where I’m going musically and performance-wise, so expect something different. Come to have fun! 2011_essence_music_fest_lineup_launch_icon