ESSENCE Music Festival headliner Jennifer Hudson was outraged yesterday and took to her Twitter account to refute a story published by Bossip surrounding a book deal she’s working on.

After losing 80 pounds last year, Jennifer has written a book about her diet and lifestyle secrets, but according to a New York Post story reprinted by Bossip, literary agents won’t offer her a book deal unless she opens up about the tragic murders of her family members.

J-Hud was quick to deny the claims on Twitter. “How low can people go. I just don’t get it. Stop making up s–t!!!” she tweeted. “Y would u take someone’s tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it?” The Oscar winner also demanded an apology from the website, writing, “Every day I wake up, I’m constantly reminded how cruel n heartless the world is. So cold!! Wow! Bossip u owe me an apology!”

Reps for Bossip say it’s all a misunderstanding, telling Access Hollywood that all they did was reprint the Post article. “Never did we say or imply that JENNIFER was trying to capitalize on the horrible tragedy that cost her her family,” added the rep.


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