As Jennifer Hudson continues to heal from her mother, brother and nephew’s murders in 2008, the Oscar and Grammy winner seems to have found joy and peace in the face of adversity. She shared the source of that joy duing an interview with “20/20” that aired on Friday…

“God is what I feel certain about,” Hudson told “20/20.” “No matter what, he’s always there and that’s the thing that keeps me. That is the greatest gift… I could not sit here right now this happy without Him.”

Hudson remembered her mom saying, “She was the perfect mother in every way,” and gushed over her 18-month-old son David Otunga, Jr, who she called her “munchkabunch.”

“He’s so sweet,” she said. “He loves to dance. He loves music. If my [Weight Watchers] commercial comes on he tells me, ‘Mama, that’s my mama!'”

With her sophomore album, “I Remember Me” set to drop on Tuesday, March 22, J-Hud keeps shining. And while she has faced devastation in the last few years, she contiunes to find joy. “I have the greatest sadness to be sad over, but then look at the joy that I have too.”