12 Things To Know About Jazzy Rowe, The Black College Student Tormented By Her White Roommate

Jazzy Rowe

Rachaell Davis Nov, 01, 2017

University of Hartford student Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe is making waves across the Internet with her disturbing story of being tormented by her college roommate. While this may sound like a simple case of two young women who just didn’t get along well with each other, the details in Jazzy’s version of what happened prove that there’s way more to the story.

Scroll through to hear 12 things we know so far about Jazzy, her ex-roommate Brianna Brochu and what led to this disgraceful chain of events.

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She's currently a freshman student at the University of Hartford in Connecticut whose story of being tormented by — and even suffering a bacteria infection because of—her roommate went viral after she detailed the incident in a video posted to her Facebook page.

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She says University housing administrators told her that if she spoke publicly about the incident, she would be removed from campus housing altogether.

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She moved in to her dorm room on August 27 to share a room with Brianna Brochu, who was the roommate assigned to her by the school.

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She initially was not suspicious of any foul play when she began to get sick a little over a month into the school year. After a full month of being sick, she began to notice extreme throat pain to the point where she was unable to speak.

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She says she was given antibiotics after going to a health clinic for evaluation and testing. All of her tests came back negative, but found that there was a "bacteria" growing in her throat.

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Shortly after visiting the clinic, Jazzy decided to move out of her room and began to pack her things. She was slightly taken aback when Brianna (pictured) spoke to her to ask if she was moving out and then began texting on her phone after Jazzy confirmed that she was indeed moving out.

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Jazzy said she moved out because she felt like she was "unwanted" in her own room. Despite feeling this way, she maintains that she remained kind and cordial with Brianna, even sharing her microwave, refrigerator and feeding Brianna's fish.

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While moving things to her new dorm room, Jazzy says she encountered an old dorm neighbor who showed her posts on Brianna's Instagram page in which Brianna had been detailing vile things she'd done to Jazzy's personal items during their time together as roommates.

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Some of things Jazzy claims Brianna admitted to doing on her Instagram page include: rubbing used tampons on Jazzy's backpack, mixing molded clam dip into her lotion, spitting in her coconut oil and putting her toothbrush "places where the sun don't shine."

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In the Facebook video, Jazzy shows photos posted by Brianna that clearly show bloodstains on her backpack and a mold-infested container in their shared refrigerator.

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In a celebratory Instagram post, Jazzy says Brianna referred to her as "Jamaican Barbie." In a police report obtained by Heavy, Brianna claimed Jazzy posted Snapchat videos of her sleeping, was "rude" and made their room a "hostile environment." Jazzy implied in her Facebook video that the actions of her roommate may have been racially motivated.

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Brianna has since been arrested and faces two misdemeanor charges of second-degree breach of peace and third-degree criminal mischief. She has reportedly admitted to doing some of the things mentioned in her Instagram posts, but says some of what she claimed to have done were lies she made up to "sound funny."