Here’s a strong cup of joe to get you back into the groove this morning:

  • R&B superstar Jazmine Sullivan announced via Twitter that she indeed is taking a “break” from music. She tweeted, “I’m trying to figure out who I am… w/out a mike paper or pen. I promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore I wouldn’t do it and here I am.” This comes as a surprise to everyone, as she’s had much success in the past few years and is even nominated for two Grammy awards this year. We’ve got a feeling that Ms. Sullivan won’t stay away too long. [BV]

  • The Discovery Channel has decided to pull the plug on the Michael Jackson autopsy documentary. After thousands of people signed a petition against it, and MJ’s estate objected, the show will not air. No word if it will be rescheduled for a later date. [NY Mag]

  • Chuck Berry is reportedly doing “fine” after suffering exhaustion, making him unable to complete a Chicago performance on Saturday. His rep confirmed that Berry has returned to his St. Louis home and “sounds good and energetic.” [CNN]

  • Word on the street has it that Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow are working on a collaboration. Green told E! Online that they’ve been considering a “few things…” This comes on the heels of Paltrow’s rendition of Green’s popular “F**k You” song on “Glee.” [E Online!]

  • President Obama has signed a 9/11 Health Care bill that will give federal health options to the 9/11 first responders. The President reportedly interrupted his vacation to sign the bill into law. That’s fantastic news to all of those who need continuing medical attention. [NY Post]

  • Naomi Campbell and billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin spent New Year’s together — but he spent the Christmas holiday with his wife and child in Beverly Hills. This is one of the most interesting relationships — he has a wife and a girlfriend and each knows about the other. [NY Post]

  • Lil’ Kim is spitting fire at Keyshia Cole — because Cole worked with Nicki Minaj on a song. She said onstage “I think this other bitch got a song with Keyshia Cole, right? Coming at me and the motha**** other queen, Mary J. Blige. Me and my girl Mary J. Blige about to eat these bitches alive where they wont even f**king exist no more and erase their f**king social security number!” Wow. This is too much for us already!” [Vibe]

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