It’s been a busy morning, see why we’re skipping the joe for a cup of Russian tea:

  • Jay-Z may be in a little hot water with the NBA. He recently paid a visit to the Wildcats locker room at the University of Kentucky. According to the Urban Daily, the team holds a few NBA prospects and consequentially, a visit from him would be a sure violation of NBA rules because he owns the New Jersey Nets. Tsk tsk. [Urban Daily]

  • La Toya Jackson says she doesn’t get along with Star Jones either. “I think everybody has a hard time with Star. I really do. Okay, I don’t want to say anything really bad. Okay, she’s mean… because I always say, if I had lost that much weight I would have been so happy,” she says. [Perez Hilton]

  • LisaRaye McCoy is gearing up to launch a line of jeans for curvy girls. She says she’s designed the jeans, picked the material — everything. “I believe in this jean line. It contours the body and holds us in. It has stretch to it. I’ve designed some really pretty designs,” she says. [Eurweb]

  • Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about her parenting style. She admits she doesn’t control her kids. “I see my children as little people, not necessarily people to control. You’ve got to help them develop and become individuals. You have to find out who they are but enforce boundaries to keep them safe,” she tells Closer magazine. [Black Celebrity Kids]

  • There’s a news report circulating that shows that despite Michelle Obama’s hard work to get kids moving and to advertise a healthier lifestyle, her hometown on the South Side of Chicago is the unhealthiest in the nation. Once she hears this, she’ll be paying a much needed visit to Chi town. [Gawker]

  • Lil Wayne has announced his retirement date. According to a Hot 97 interview, he wants to retire by age 35. Currently at age 28, he’s got seven years left to milk it — though we’ve heard of rappers retiring before and not really staying away. [Hip-Hop Wired]

  • President Obama showed a comedic side during a recent interview. When asked if he had his own computer, he replied with a sassy response, but with a hearty laugh. Check it out below.


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