Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more out of hand, several members of the Jackson family have been banned from Katherine’s Calabasas home according to a letter obtained by X17Online.com.

The letter, allegedly written by Howard Weitzman, the lawyer who represents John Branca and John McClain, says “Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children.” Furthermore, the letter makes it clear that no one who was involved in Katherine’s separation from Michael’s kids may be allowed into her home.

However, permission is given to T.J., the temporary guardian, and his company.

Upon discovering that she lost custody, Katherine was said to be devastated. Despite what’s been going on between them, Katherine found time to attend her sons’ “Unity” tour in Saratoga, New York, Saturday night.

Jermaine soon tweeted, “You all have families. Sometimes it gets complicated. Whatever happens, whatever is said, we are family, we are One, we will heal.”

It appears that today’s actions on behalf of Michael Jackson’s estate were taken as a precaution to gain control over the situation and a family that’s seemingly falling apart.