Janet Jackson’s Trainer Spills the Secret to Her Famously Sexy Abs
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Before there was Bey, there was Janet Jackson.

She is the original OMG performer. And even now, she is still making us say “Dammn Baby” (cue her pregnancy announcement earlier this month). The latest jaw-dropping news about the music vet: She recently turned the big 5-0!

Yep, you read that correctly.

Why This Move From ‘Formation’ Is the Ultimate Ab Workout

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Jackson has been on this earth for half a century, and has a body that women many decades her junior would kill for—especially that rockin’ core. Soon enough, though, her sculpted stomach will (briefly) disappear to make way for her bundle of joy. Until then, we are working to get on Janet’s level with this lower-ab sculptor, courtesy of her longtime trainer, Tony Martinez.

Here are a Few Facts for People Shaming Janet Jackson for her Advanced-Age Pregnancy

The cross-legged reverse crunch is “one of Janet’s favorite lower ab exercises,” he says. “It works the hips and core and gets her the definition in those sexy abs she’s known for.”

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