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Janet Jackson Shares Weight Loss Secrets

The superstar singer opens up about her diet with NutriSystem.
Janet Jackson is no stranger to publicly discussing her weight. Standing at 5’4, Ms. Jackson weighed 180 pounds six years ago. Today, she’s opening up about her new healthy lifestyle on NutriSystem and how she got her new slim body with US Magazine.

The singer says people can relate to her. Like many women, she has experienced several ups and downs when it comes to dieting — either losing too much or gaining more than anticipated. However, the ESSENCE Music Festival alumna claims the key to successful dieting is maintaining the desired weight loss. “It’s about keeping it off,” says Jackson. “We can all lose weight, but learning how to keep it off — maintaining it — is what’s difficult. NutriSystem teaches you how to do that.”

Even though she’s on a dieting system, Jackson doesn’t cut out the goodies like cakes and cookies. “You don’t have to deprive yourself of things that you love, and that’s what’s so great about NutriSytem.”

As for her workout regimen, she has a personal trainer, Tony Martinez, who puts her to work. “Right now I love running, so I’ve been doing a lot of running. I can’t take someone yelling in my ear, boot-camp style. He makes sure it’s not boring because then I don’t want to do it.”

What’s your secret to weight loss?