Janet Jackson has always kept the details of her love life under wraps (remember the two marriages?), but it looks like the pop superstar is ready to reflect on her romance with record producer Jermaine Dupri. In an interview with EXTRA, Jackson says Dupri changed her life, especially her body image and her issues with her booty. “Up until that point I would still put on a pair of pants, and if my butt looked too big, I didn’t want the pants, as much as I loved them. But it was nine years ago when he said ‘your butt’s fine the way it is…” Nearly a year after their break-up, Jackson says she’s “really grateful” to Dupri “for showing me that side of myself.” In another appearance to promote “For Colored Girls” Jackson and talk show host Larry King just couldn’t get on the same page. In an awkward exchange, King asked Jackson whether naming her upcoming album “Icon” was “self-crediting,” Janet reminds him that she’s had 34 number one songs. If that doesn’t make you an icon, we don’t know what does. Watch the clip, here