Janet Jackson was “speechless” at learning Whitney Houston died, according to E! News.

The youngest Jackson made an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show and explained her reaction. “I couldn’t believe it. Immediately I started shaking,” she said.

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For years Jackson and Houston were neck-and-neck in the music industry — both pumping out hits back-to-back. Jackson fondly remembers the moments they shared together.

“She was such a sweet, sweet soul. Especially back in the late ’80s and early ’90s when I connected with Whitney the most. It doesn’t matter if we were doing an award show. We would always take the time to find one another… We always found the time to talk to one another.”

Like President Obama, Jackson is keeping Houston’s family in her thoughts. “I pray for [Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina] and her family, even Bobby Brown,” said Jackson. “I mean he’s going through so much. They are all going through so much. The mother, it’s very sad.”

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In June of 2009, her brother the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, died. She offers these words of advice for Bobbi Kristina, “You have to come to terms with it at some point. You have to actually give it up to God, and it sounds so mean, but you have to move on. You can’t hold onto that because it can be very devastating. Sometimes therapy is the best thing. You figure out a way to move on. [But] it’s always right there.”


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