Check out why we’re sipping an exotic flavored coffee today:

  • Janet Jackson is scheduled to make another mark in history. She will perform under the infamous glass pyramid of the Louvre museum in Paris. She’ll be the first and only female pop artist to do so. Tickets for the exclusive June 14th event start at a whopping $10K. Her concert is part of Liaisons au Louvre bi-annual fundraiser. Wow, Janet in the Louvre under the pyramid — it just doesn’t get any better than that! [Boom Box]

  • The Fugee’s fromer producer says they’ll reunite one day, but don’t hold your breath. Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis says “I believe there will be a day when the Fugees get together, but everyone in the group’s gotta’ be ready. The Fugees are definitely going to get back together. The time will come,” he said. [Boom Box]

  • Tyra Banks’ neighbors are excited about her arrival to the trendy Battery Park neighborhood, but only because her arrival marks the end of heavy construction and frustration. She reportedly purchased four apartments and combined them into one large one. [Eurweb]

  • Will Smith was spotted back at work on the set of “Men in Black III” this week. The film has experienced numerous delays and issues due to the script and budget. Let’s hope things don’t come to another halt. [Punch Bowl Blog]

  • A new Malcolm X’s biography by Manning Marable, “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,” is causing some controversy. According to Marable, at a young age, Malcolm X had same-sex relations for cash. This is leaving many, including his family, quite upset. [Huff Po]

  • Bill Cosby appeared on “Today” and gave a very short but frank response regarding Donald Trump’s bid for president. Check out how the situation got a bit uncomfortable. [Perez Hilton]

  • Every now and then you need a little jam session in the morning. Check out Erykah Badu’s studio performance of “Fall in Love (You Funeral).” It’s making its way around the net and fans are eating it up!