Although it’s been nearly two years since Michael Jackson’s death, Janet Jackson said memories of her brother still linger. During an interview with HLN, the pop-diva spoke affectionately about her relationship with MJ and their childhood. Watch a clip of the interview here.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him” Jackson said. “Not one single day.” Despite missing her brother, she said she still holds fond memories of their childhood and MJ’s “silly” personality.

In the interview, the singer also opens up about her relationship with Joe Jackson, why she admires Tyler Perry, and if she’s walking down the aisle anytime soon. “It’s really up to God…who knows maybe I will,” she said about her plans for marriage. “There came a point in my life where I said OK, maybe this isn’t for me and I don’t need a piece of paper to validate the relationship that I’m in, my love for that person. But, there’s also something to be said for that bond, that closeness that you feel that can’t be penetrated by anyone, anything. But I don’t know, it’s in God’s hands. It really is.”

Be sure to catch the entire interview tonight at 7pm ET on HLN.


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