Janet Jackson Forbids Michael Jackson Jokes, Named Blackgama 'Legend'

Janet forbids jokes about family, named Blackglama 'Legend.'

Nicole Marie Melton Oct, 15, 2011

Janet Jackson is in no laughing mood when it comes to her family.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Janet’s contracts for her current “Number One’s: Up Close and Personal” tour forbid any comedian she may be sharing the bill with to tell jokes that “make any reference to Janet Jackson or the Jackson family.”

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The contract also reveals that the songstress rakes in a whopping $475,000 per show. And deservedly so, seeing that the 45-year-old is still at the top of her game. She just joined the ranks of Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor after being named the star of Blackglama’s “Legends” campaign.

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This honor comes a week after Michael Jackson’s life and talents were celebrated during an all-star tribute concert in Wales. Although the concert was a huge success, reportedly Global Live, the company behind the event, is in hot water for dodging a $200,000 bill for plane tickets for the performers.

Global Live tells TMZ that the bills “are being reconciled.”

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Janet’s Blackglama ad.


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