Janet Jackson Fans Not Allowed To Share 'Unbreakable' Tour Performances On Instagram: Accounts Will Be Deleted

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If you share any Janet Jackson Unbreakable tour performances to Instagram, your account will be deleted. 

Imani Brammer Oct, 21, 2015

It’s either you come to a Janet Jackson concert or you don’t, because Ms. Jackson (if ya nasty) will not be allowing you to share her Unbreakable tour videos to your Instagram account. 

Users who have posted videos of the tour to their account have, according to TMZ, had their accounts deleted—because there’s rules to this. Jackson owns the rights to her music, including Instagram videos. Therefore, if a video of a tour performance is posted to Instagram, then the Instagram user is not complying with copyright rules. BMG, Jackson’s label, will then take measures to ensure that all non-compliant accounts are removed. 

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Some accounts were accidentally deleted due to a slight mishap. BMG is working to get those accounts restored. As for the rest of the accounts…#welp. 

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Frustrated fans have taken to Twitter and mentioned possibly boycotting Jackson for the account expulsion.