Janet Jackson Accompanies Katherine to MJ Wrongful Death Trial

On Tuesday, Janet Jackson accompanied her mother, Katherine, to the ongoing trial in the massive $40 billion dollar lawsuit against AEG Live.

According E! News, Janet’s presence caused a commotion. A judge previously ruled that no more than two members of the Jackson family can attend at the same time. The judge wants to avoid influencing the jury because several family members could be called to the witness stand.

AEG attorneys objected to Janet’s appearance and suggested two potential witnesses couldn’t sit together during the trial. They were overruled.

Michael Jackson’s estate is suing AEG Live for negligently hiring and or supervising Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. The estate believes the late singer could have earned billions had he not received poor medical care. The Hollywood Reporter shares that AEG believes Jackson hired Murray himself.

In recent courtroom proceedings, the press learned a number of things about Jackson’s personal life. The late star’s lips were tattooed pink and his eyebrows were tattooed dark. Also, the front of Jackson’s scalp was tattooed black—to help blend his hairline with wigs.

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