Janay Rice Is Not Amused By Halloween Costumes Mocking Her and Ray Rice
Patrick Semansky/AP Images

Janay Rice isn’t laughing at Halloween costumes mocking her and husband Ray Rice.

A photo on Reddit shows a man dressed as Ray Rice while dragging around a Black blow up doll that’s meant to represent his wife. Since then, more insensitive costume depictions of the Rice’s have appeared on social media, from children dragging around Black dolls, or couples donning blackface and wearing Baltimore Ravens jerseys.

Janay Rice took to Twitter to comment on the photo.

In September, video surfaced of the real-life Baltimore Ravens’ star running back punching Janay in the face and knocking her unconscious. Rice has since been suspended indefinitely from the NFL.

According to TMZ, the Rice’s have immersed themselves in church and focusing on their marriage and on keeping their family together.

Meanwhile, the former NFL star is currently in the process of appealing his indefinite suspension. According to ESPN, he is seeking reinstatement in the league and over $3.5million in salary lost during this season. US District Judge Barbara S. Jones will hear Rice’s appeal on Nov. 5 and 6.