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Jamie Fox Gets Some of Philly's Brotherly Love

Jamie Foxx stalked by male fan

It’s not called the City of Brotherly Love for nothing. Jamie Foxx learned that the hard way while wrapping up his latest film in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, according to TMZ.com. 

The Oscar winner became the object of some unwanted attention. A 49-year-old man named Steven Taliver allegedly began stalking Foxx at the AKA Hotel near Ritten House Square on March 20. Reportedly, Taliver’s first attempt to gain entry into the “Ray” star’s penthouse was unsuccessful, but on March 22 he returned and pretended to be Beyonce Knowles’s producer. Once Foxx realized he was an imposter, a struggle ensued and the intruder fled. On Tuesday, Taliver surfaced again on the Philly streets and was apprehended by Foxx’s bodyguards until he was taken into police custody. Taliver, who gave authorities a local homeless shelter as his address, is charged with burglary and other related offenses for trespassing in a private area of the hotel. He is currently being held on $250,000 bail and awaits a hearing on April 7.

Foxx, who will appear as a musical genious in the upcoming film, “Soloist,” was unharmed and has since returned to Los Angeles. We predict that this story will definitely be part of his next standup routine. And like you, we’re looking forward to a good laugh.–KNB