Janet Jackson’s ex-husband James DeBarge is speaking out about a painful night he shared with her older brother, Michael Jackson. In an episode of “Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers,” DeBarge tells Dr. Drew how he once contemplated jumping off the roof of Micheal’s home, and how the pop icon calmly talked him out of it.

“He was the only one NOT freaking out!” he says. “He seemed to be familiar with my pain… he knew I needed someone to talk to so he was that ear. So we just talked all night and I forgot that I was even on the roof and that I was going to jump.”

James, his sister Bunny and brother Randy — members of the ’80s group, DeBarge — will sit down with Dr. Drew for a two-part intervention on “LifeChangers,” airing Wednesday at 3pm on the CW.

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