Talk about forty and fab!

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Twitter followers were in for a treat when the 40-year-old actress tweeted a sexy photo of herself emerging out of the ocean while rocking a bikini.

But Smith wasn’t only interested in showing off her toned physique; she also had a special message for women in their 40’s: “To my Forty and over crew!” she wrote “Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age!”

The mom of two, who’s approaching her 41st birthday this September, is currently vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

In an exclusive interview with in June, she revealed that besides working out, she stays in shape by “eating for nourishment,” not for pleasure.

“I probably had the only West Indian grandmother that could not cook,” said Smith. “She was an awful cook, and she taught me that you don’t eat for taste, you eat for nourishment. And I have kept that over the years, so I can eat anything that’s healthy.

“I eat for my schedule so I have to eat high-protein, lots of greens and healthy carbs so that I don’t fall flat on my face,” she added.