Even before having to defend her marriage from all the separation rumors this week, Jada Pinkett Smith had only glowing things to say about her hubby of 13 years, Will Smith.

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Asked what she loved most about him as he gets older (Will is 43) Jada said she loved his maturity the most.

“You know what I love about Will as he gets older, and I think it’s with men in general,” she told ESSENCE.com. “They do so much living externally, they go through a whole conquering stage.”

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“I think as Will gets older, he goes more internal.”

If anything, their relationship has gotten “deeper” over the years, she adds. “Your man is starting to go inward and going into those more deeper spaces. As women, we live there. We’re just waiting for them to come home. As he’s gotten older, [Will’s] starting to come home.”

In a joint statement released this week, Will and Jada said their marriage was “intact.”