This Mom Wasn’t Happy About Her Son’s College Pick, And She Let Him Know It

Choosing a college can be stressful. But picking a school when you’re one of the top football prospects in the nation can be downright frightening — especially when you have to reveal your choice on national TV.

Jacob Copeland, one of the best high school wide receivers in the country, agonized about his decision. Ahead of signing day, the Pensacola, Florida native said he was overcome with stress while trying to figure out which institution would be the best fit for him.

“Throughout this entire recruiting process I never been as stressed as I am now,” he wrote on Twitter. “I cried and cried all last night about God leading me in the right directions. Now I don’t have over much as a day to decide on a school that’ll change my future after football.”

Though Copeland had been heavily recruited by several schools, when it came to signing day he narrowed it down to just three: the University of Alabama, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Florida. Flanked by his family, including his mom, who rocked an Alabama sweatshirt and a Tennessee beanie, Copeland picked the home team, Florida.

Members of the Florida Gators’ football program cheered his decision.

Copeland’s mother, on the other hand, wasn’t happy with his decision and walked off in a huff.

The scene got even more awkward when a reporter from ESPN asked who the woman was who walked away, and why she chose to leave.

Copeland didn’t have any answers for the reporter, but he handled the questions — and the weird moment — with class.

And while many came down on his mother for having a brief tantrum, Copeland wasn’t bothered by it.

She returned to the event a few minutes later, gave her son a hug, and signed the papers for him to commit to the University of Florida.

Good luck, young man!