Ivanka Trump Posed With A Can Of Goya Beans…It Went As Well As Expected

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the impeached president, has brought the Goya Foods brand back under the harsh spotlight after thinking it was a good idea to pose with a can of black beans for some reason.

The image posted to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter features the brand’s slogan in English and Spanish.

Now, Goya had already lost some of its credit in the Black and Brown communities that mostly consume its products after the brand’s chief executive Robert Unanue noted in a White House meeting that “we’re all truly blessed…to have a leader” like Donald Trump.

That moment led to swift Twitter backlash and calls to boycott the brand who supported a president who is known for his racist, anti-immigrant policies.

Ivanka Trump’s tweet brought back all the rage, although, this time it was also a gift, giving social media a fresh new slate for a new meme which they used to clown the first daughter, who, for some reason, also acts as White House advisor.

As funny as some of the takes on the photo are however, others have raised the questions of the ethics of Ivanka Trump potentially promoting a product, given her position as White House advisor.

“Executive branch employees may not use their Government positions to suggest that the agency or any part of the executive branch endorses an organization (including a nonprofit organization), product, service, or person,” The United States Office of Government Ethics guidelines note.

However, according to CNN, a spokesperson for Ivanka Trump claimed that she was showing her “personal support,” while slamming the “cancel culture movement.”

“Ivanka is proud of this strong, Hispanic-owned business with deep roots in the US and has every right to express her personal support,” White House spokeswoman Carolina Hurley said in a statement, according to the network.


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