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Itsmyrayeraye Joins Blogger Box Beauty, Shares Her Must-Haves

YouTube beauty guru Itsmyrayeraye joins blogger box beauty and dishes on her favorites.
Itsmyrayeraye Joins Blogger Box Beauty, Shares Her Must-Haves

Raye Boyce, better known as ItsMyRayeRaye, is a YouTube Beauty Guru from New York City who uses social media to share fun beauty tips, how-to’s, and quick DIY’s to girls across the world. This season she partnered with Blogger Box Beauty to create limited edition beauty gift boxes filled to the brim of her favorites. best of all, you can get the travel AND full size products delivered straight to your doorstep. Here, she dishes on working with the subscription service and what it means to wear dark lipstick this season!

ESSENCE: What separates your box from other beauty bloggers?

You know exactly what to expect from my box. Every product is listed and you can to make the decision whether it speaks to you or not. And I’m all about surprises, but there is something to be said for knowing exactly what you’re getting! Sometimes you’ll subscribe to a box, have no idea what’s going to be in it, and then you’re totally let down when it arrives! That can be frustrating, so I wanted to give people the real deal and let them know precisely what they were getting from me and Blogger Box Beauty.

ESSENCE: What are your top 3 beauty secrets?

Well, a beauty vlogger doesn’t keep their tips and tricks a secret so most of my subscribers know them all! But for those that aren’t familiar with me, here are a few:

I love to use lip liner as a lipstick! It opens the door up to an array of colors, and it’s often more affordable. Liners are often cheaper than the actual lipstick. I’ve been wearing liners as lipstick forever, and the color payoff is amazing. Just be sure to keep your lips moisturized, because it can be drying if you don’t.

I’m obsessed with check tints, especially Benefit’s Lollitint. I discovered this product when testing out items to potentially include in my box. I honestly didn’t think I would love it. I kind of had my nose turned up about check stains, but boy was I wrong! It immediately gives you this healthy glow. And I use it as a lip stain also.

I often use Vaseline to set my eyebrows. Well, I use Vaseline for a lot of things, but people are often surprised to know I often use it for my brows. But not much because a little goes a long way.

ESSENCE: What’s it like to partner with Blogger Box Beauty, and how did you select the products?

It was a such great experience! But it was also very challenging, to be quite honest! I wanted to make sure I had the perfect assortment of products to give to my audience. This was my first box, or product actually “selling” to my subscribers. And they’ve been so supportive over the years, so I wanted them to know that this was authentic, and directly from me. I wanted it to reflect the products I truly loved and actually used.

ESSENCE: What should women be aware of when selecting beauty products for fall?

I’m really into dark lip colors this season. They’re so amazing and really look good on every skin color! I’m a matte lipstick girl, so that’s always my first choice.

And in terms of skin, it’s all about healthy looking skin. Bronzers help to achieve that look. It’s always great to look like you’re “naturally” bronzed in the fall and winter. You can make people think you’ve just gotten back from St. Tropez when you’ve really just been traipsing around the city all fall/winter!

And I’m all about breaking the rules. I don’t get caught up in “the color of the season.” I wear what makes me feel good and I think that’s what every woman should keep in mind when curating her own personal beauty wardrobe.