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It’s Not Over, Says Team McCain

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Approaching the entrance to the McCain headquarters in Central Phoenix, I sense that hard work and perseverance were the mainstays of McCain’s campaign workers. Inside, my senses were confirmed. Phones were ringing and people were walking around appearing to be very busy.

The McCain-Palin workforce was at full capacity with every able person on the phone trying to get that last-minute plug in for the Republican presidential candidate. Of note was Ben Stewart, the president of the Arizona State University College Republican Unit and vice-chairman of the Arizona Federation of College Republicans. “Obama is a great guy, a great American,” says Stewart. “But we should not elect someone we don’t know can do the job. All Americans would benefit from John McCain as president because he is bipartisan. He knows how to work with both parties—Democratic and Republican.”
And what’s the vibe at McCain headquarters? “Everyone is extremely optimistic. This election is really close,” says Stewart. What about Palin in 2012? “Maybe. Like Barack Obama, she is smart and attractive. I don’t see why not. It’s almost a guarantee that if John McCain wins; there is speculation that he will not run for a second term.” If elected president, John McCain would be 76 years old at the end of his four-year term.
That is something to think about, and his supporters still hope they can claim McCain as Arizona’s first-ever president-elect.