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It’s National Proposal Day: Would You Ask Him?

Is a woman popping the question a bad idea or a brilliant one? You tell us!
It’s National Proposal Day: Would You Ask Him?
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Today is National Proposal Day, and the official end to “proposal season,” which usually spans from Thanksgiving to on our around Valentine’s Day. Experts say men are most likely to propose on holidays or special occasions. This means today could be “the day” for a few lucky ladies – especially if they’re willing to take matters into their own hands.

When it comes to the topic of proposals, so often, it’s the woman who anxiously waits for her guy to pop the question and who subsequently becomes irritated or disappointed when he takes longer than she hoped he would. But one can’t forget, proposals can go both ways. Although it’s considered untraditional, there’s nothing wrong with a woman asking a man to be her husband or to give him a ring instead.

Would you be willing to be the one who proposed, or does it spoil all the fun? And if you did, would you buy him a ring? Single ladies, let’s discuss!

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