There’s something about Eve Jihan Jeffers. At the ripe age of 22, the Ruff Ryders’ queen has broken the barriers of the male-dominated hip-hop genre and achieved pop-icon status with her 1999 platinum debut Ruff Ryder’s First Lady and now with her sophomore effort Scorpion. Her appeal? Maybe it’s her closely cropped crimson crown, ’round-the-way-Philly-girl demeanor, ride-and-die motorcycle stunts or ability to always be a lady amid her all-male RR clan.

Or perhaps it’s the confidence she exudes as she saunters by frenzied paparazzi in three-inch Chanel boots and colorful mink Nija furs. Whatever it is, Eve’s got “it.” If you haven’t copped her infectious new single “Who’s That Girl?” you’re missing out. While she’s busy scheduling a tour for the United States and possibly Europe, here are some facts and impressions you should know about the self-proclaimed “pit bull in a skirt.”

Who’s That Girl?

“Eve’s personality distinguishes her from other rappers. She’s classy yet still represents hip-hop. When I met her I thought ‘and she sings? Who’s that girl?’ I was happy because there were no other females on the label. Today, I’m still feeling her because she’s positive, genuine, honest and her spirit is right. In five years, I don’t think she’ll be a multibillionaire because she’s not about money. She’s about paving the way for other women in the industry. No matter what, she’ll have longevity.” — Chivon Dean, CEO of Ruff Ryders

Mama I Want to Sing

The first time Eve picked up a mike she did it as a singer. In high school, she was a part of a five-girl group called Dope Girl Posse (DPG) in her native Philadelphia.

In the Spirit

One day, Eve wants to wrap her curves from head to toe. She plans to become a practicing Muslim when she can devote the time.

An Earthy Sister

“The first time I met her we were doing a show together for MTV . My first impression was she was real down to earth. Not snobby or anything. She told me she was a fan [of mine]. She stands out — people are like, ‘the rapper with the blond hair and red hair. ‘ Since I met her, she hasn’t changed except lyrically she’s gotten better. I respect that no matter what people say she’s doing her thang and ain’t lettin’ nobody change her because people always have something to say when you’re a new artist.” — Shawntae “Da Brat” Harris, rapper

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The Gift of Gab and Style

Eve seemingly inherited her flair for words from her mom, who currently works at a publishing firm in Philly. And her fashion sense comes from both parents — her dad is a clothing designer and mom was a platinum blond at age 17.

Cover Girl

As a teenager, Eve strutted her stuff at the Bronx, New York, strip club Golden Lady. Last year, Manhattan’s DNA Model Management agreed to represent Eve and help her secure modeling gigs.

Mass Appeal

“When I saw her rhyme for the first time, it was all love. She attracts both worlds — the hood and White kids. Her element is ghetto, commercial and pop all in one.” — Jadakiss from the rap trio the Lox

A Homebody

Although Eve’s music is a great party-starter, she isn’t into the club life. She’d rather dine at her favorite fancy New York restaurants like Mr. Chow’s, Indochine, and Nobu.

Nothing like Puppy Love

Eve is not only in love with her boyfriend of two years, Stevie J (who nicknamed his queen Punkie), but also with her two Yorkshires, Spunky and Bear.