Relax and take notes, ladies. Your man might just be toting the key to your fashion heaven. We’re not talking over-worn boxers or Big & Tall tees, either. This year in fashion is anything but girly. It’s all about creating that look of androgyny, the kind your mother frets about, and your grandmother warned you against. From super plush blazers and their cuffed and layered sleeves, to 1950’s letterman cardigans, you’ll have all the boys running to the yard, wondering how you one-upped them.

Want to be the boss on deck? Check out these looks.




Organic Long Slim Blazer $395 at









Levi’s® 511TM Skinny Jeans $39.99 at









Priorities black contrast trim ‘Chelsea’ long $69 at






Bless Boyfriend Pant $173 at








Long Swing Vest $27.80 at