Some may question Beyoncé’s acting abilities (say what you will, but “Obsessed” topped the box office this weekend, raking in an impressive $28 million and beating its projections), but one thing you can’t question is her singing talents. So when an audio clip of her sounding atrocious while belting her hit “If I Were A Boy” on the “Today” show hit the Web last week, something seemed fishy. Turns out Matthew Zeghibe, a Connecticut college student, had tinkered with the star’s vocals, turning her performance into something of a mess, according to the New York Daily News. After the prank became a YouTube hit, Zeghibe came forward and confessed it was all in fun—and Queen B agrees. “I knew it was a joke. I knew it was supposed to sound silly,” the diva told reporters at the “Obsessed” premiere in New York. “I thought it was hilarious.”—ZH