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Is White Castmate on 'The Game' Paid More?

Is White Castmate on ‘The Game’ Paid More?

It’s safe to say that most of us are excited that BET’s “The Game” is making it’s way back to our TV screens after a two-year hiatus. But the beloved sitcom’s payroll may prove a bit problematic for the network. Mediatakeout.com alleges that Brittany Daniel, the show’s only White castmate, is being paid significantly more than her Black castmates. According to a source, the cast salaries are:

Tia Mowry (as Melanie Barnett) – $50K per episode Pooch Hall (as Derwin Davis) – $40K per episode Coby Bell (as Jason Pitts) – $35K per episode Wendy Raquel Robinson (as Tasha Mack) – $35K per episode Hosea Chanchez (as Malik Wright) – $35K per episode Brittany Daniel (as Kelly Pitts) – $75K per episode

The “official” word is that Daniel had to turn down other projects to work on the show, reports Mediatakeout. Either that or she’s got a great agent who was able to negotiate the top salary for her. Or is it reverse racism on BET’s part? “It’s unfortunate that it didn’t occur to anyone in a position of power that perhaps a network that focuses on providing entertainment to the Black community should avoid paying a White actress double what some of her Black costars make,” writes Morning Gloria on Jezebel.com. The cast is understandably upset by the revelation. If this were true, would we really be surprised? In most sectors, White women continue to earn significantly more than Black men and women. And in Hollywood, a White actress has more bargaining chips than her Black co-stars because of industry standards (this is Hollywood, after all), not a particular network. On a sidenote, is it possible that Daniel gets paid twice as much as Wendy Raquel WIlson, the mother ship of the show? Oh hell to the no. What do you think?