Last week, Nicki Minaj quit Twitter because a fansite leaked music from her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This week, rap’s most popular female emcee is contemplating throwing in the towel.

While in England, Minaj sat down with popular radio host Tim Westwood to share are few candid feelings regarding her place in hip-hop, according to Vibe.

Westwood said Roman Reloaded sounds like a mixtape and Minaj agreed. However, she maintains many people aren’t giving her the respect she deserves. “This is my fourth mixtape really,” says Minaj. “The Kid [referring to herself] did it like that to feed her fans. But really, now the Kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game. All these other folks fittin’ to make the Kid leave the game.”

Despite her threatening words, it wouldn’t be wise to leave her career right now. Roman Reloaded sold 253,000 copies in its opening week, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200.

Only time will tell if Minaj is serious enough to quit her career while it’s still hot.

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