One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start going to the gym as often as I used to (at least three to four times a week) before I was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder.” You see, I look much younger than my actual age, so when my doctor informed me that this was “very common among middle-aged women,” I barked: “You don’t know me, and I don’t appreciate being spoken to that way!” The injury to both my ego and my shoulder stayed with me for almost two years. I’m happy to report that I’ve recovered completely, hence my decision to go back to my fitness regimen–a personal trainer. One morning as I was watching The Today Show, coffee in hand and “WWD” on my lap, I saw an interview with an Equinox trainer, Patricia Moreno, that stopped me in my tracks. She claimed that, with her IntenSati workout, you could burn 500 calories in one hour. I’m a member of New York City’s Equinox gym and, in my opinion, they have the best group classes in the city. So, I reasoned that to save time and money I could take a month of Moreno’s IntenSati classes to get myself physically prepared for the trainer (Honey, I don’t like to throw money away, even with my Bowie budget!). I arrived about five minutes early to the class and it was already packed! To my surprise, Moreno began the class by sitting us on the floor in yoga positions to recite daily affirmation. “How is this going to burn 500 calories?” I thought to myself, positive I was duped.   Then the class started and God, it was divine! Imagine a highly challenging aerobics/daily affirmation/yoga/strength training-type of workout–lots of sweating, but very uplifting. I was hooked, following her from gym to gym and doing her IntenSati classes exclusively. Girl, I don’t know if I burn 500 calories, but I can tell you my cardiovascular is always challenged–and more importantly, I leave happy and light on my feet.   Try IntenSati!  I hope it uplifts you as it did me.   “Every single day I say I value myself in every way My life is passing and it will not wait I am free now What I give is what I get.” -Patricia Moreno Read More: