3 Indiana Judges Suspended Without Pay After Fight At White Castle
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Three Indiana judges are facing disciplinary action after getting into a fight that resulted in two of them being seriously injured.

According to NPR, the situation all began back in May, at around 3 a.m. in the morning when the three judges—Andrew Adams, Bradley Jacobs, and Sabrina Bell—were apparently in “an intoxicated state and behaving in an injudicious manner.”

The group was reportedly in town for a statewide educational conference for judicial officers, but were out gallivanting about 10 hours before the program was scheduled to begin.

The group reportedly tried to go to a strip club, but after finding it closed, they ended up at White Castle.

While a fourth, unidentified judge was in the restaurant, Bell, Adams and Jacobs stood outside.

That was when Bell decided it was a good idea to flip the bird to a passing vehicle.

The two men in that vehicle, Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser pulled up after noticing the crude gesture from Bell.

A verbal altercation ensued before a fight broke out amongst the four men.

Ultimately, Kaiser allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Adams once in the stomach, and Jacobs twice in the chest, seriously wounding both judges, who required emergency surgeries to treat their injuries.

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Bell reportedly tried to stop the fight, and called 911 once shots were fired.

The Indiana Supreme Court earlier this week suspending the judges noted that the three judges “discredited the entire Indiana judiciary” and “engaged in judicial misconduct.”

Jacob and Bell were suspended for 30 days each without pay, while Adams, who pleaded guilty back in September to one count of misdemeanor battery, was suspended for 60 days without pay. Adams was also sentenced to 365 days in jail, but only ended up serving two.

Kaiser, on the other hand, is facing 14 criminal charges, including four charges of felony aggravated battery, the report notes.


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