Keisha Whitaker knows a thing or two about nailing a red carpet look. The former model and wife of Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker has lots of experience under her belt. She’s not only worked the red carpets of a slew of exclusive events, but has also spent time as a host for TV Guide’s “Live from the Red Carpet,” so it comes as no surprise that she’s one of the reigning queens of style. Whitaker has always been style conscious, even before she had her pick of designer gowns. “I have been a big fan of fashion from day one,” Whitaker has said. “I found this picture of me, I had to have been about five, and I was at the pool with my great-grandmother. I must say, I looked very fashion-y.” Today, the mother of three continues to indulge in the ritual of dressing up. Her enthusiasm for style is translated in her complete polished looks. “I theme-dress for real! I go hard. The hair has to match the look, glasses and shoes — tiaras and everything!” Nevertheless, what’s so intriguing about Whitaker is just how effortless her style seems. She makes looking glamorous look so easy. The designers hanging in her closet include Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent. In addition to the classic designers, Whitaker is also keen on younger stars, like Rachel Roy and Phillip Lim. She favors feminine pieces with details that make them special, as well as unique silhouettes. While she dabbles in trends, Whitaker isn’t consumed with them. She carefully injects au courant pieces into her signature chic, sophisticated look. As for her off-the-carpet staples, Whitaker relies on a collection of white, black and dark blue jeans, soft white t-shirts and tanks to keep her stylish and comfortable. For evening, simple LBDs, high-heels and fabulous evening bags are in constant rotation. Keisha Whitaker’s closet is chock-full of to-die-for frocks, dazzling gowns and innovative ready-to-wear. What more can we ask what for?