If You’re Single and Want to Mingle, #Twinder Is Now A Thing
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What happened on Twitter last night is better than any dating show. Popular community organizer, Cherrell Brown played matchmaker for her 40K+ followers, with a fun game she called #Twinder—and all of Twitter loved it. Here’s how it all went down. First, Brown (AKA @Awkward_Duck) shared the rules: “K, #TWINDER TIME! Rules: Pic/Area/What you’re looking for (Queer, Bi, 3rd, Boo, Friends, Tax Exemption)…PLS make clear if str8.”

People began posting, like crazy, and Brown retweeted her favorites, with the hopes of helping someone make a love connection. Brave singles from all over the country started sharing their best selfies, their stats and their intentions—both good and bad. It didn’t take long for the event to earn “Twitter Moment” status.

The game’s over for now, but thankfully that hasn’t stopped romantic hopefuls from posting their dating ads to the hashtag. We can’t wait for #Twinder to return, but in the meantime see the “contestants” here.