File this one under your list of the most insensitive ways to break up with someone. If you get a call from Bradley from iDump4U.com, hang up. The phone call is being recorded and Bradley has been hired by your boyfriend to break up with you. On iDump4U.com, you can listen to many of the heartbreaking (and admittedly hilarious) breakups that Bradley has facilitated over the past year, each for a relatively cheap fee. That’s right. For just $10 you can leave the dirty work up to Bradley, who will call your significant other and tell him that it’s over. The pro of being dumped by Bradley is that he gives it to you straight. There’s no sugar coating, no “I really want to remain friends,” or “I’ll call you in a few days.” The con is that a total stranger is breaking up with you. Not to mention the realization that your (now ex) boyfriend is a total coward. To add insult to injury we’re pretty sure the dumpees don’t realize that the phone call is being recorded. And you thought it couldn’t get much worse than being dumped via a Post-It note or a changed Facebook status. Would you ever use a breakup service to dump someone?